“Motorcycles are dangerous,” I hear it all the time, “Well it’s not you but the cars that don’t see you,” all the cliched reasons why this isn’t a practical hobby for a mother, wife, or just for a woman in general.  Funny thing how the hubbs doesn’t get this speech quite as often.  It’s expected behavior for the hubster, a veteran, a hunter, a thrill seeker, being a motorcyclist is just the next thing on the list of “dudedom” and few question it.  Not the case with me however.  I am also a veteran, I love the outdoors, and I enjoy jumping on my bike and getting lost in the scenery, I just happen to have boobs.  It’s all good though, people misinterpret what they don’t understand & it seems to me that many don’t understand the need for adventure or the actions behind fulfilling that need.

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!”

-Dan Aykroyd

IMG_7337.jpgMy personal journey of highs and lows have made me realize that “mother’s little helper” is found on two wheels and other positive forms of adventure seeking as I get outside of myself and connect with the world around me.  Thankfully the hubster is so secure in his masculinity that my adventure seeking antics are fully encouraged, sometimes it’s together and sometimes I go it alone.  Whatever the case, I love making the most of “this thing called life.”  Cue Prince music…


“There are stars in the Southern sky Southward as you go, there is moonlight and moss in the trees down the seven bridges road…”       -The Eagles


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